Range Buying Tips

Natural gas ranges are not only efficient and hard working, they make a beautiful impression in your kitchen. Understand your family's cooking needs to help you decide on the model and options you want.

Union Gas delivers gas to you but we do not sell, rent, or service gas appliances.

Couple cooking on a gas stove

Where to buy

Purchase a natural gas range from a retailer or a contractor registered with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). Find a contractor in your area on the TSSA website.

Select a range


Installation must be done by a TSSA-registered contractor. Often the retailer where you buy the natural gas range has installation services available to you.


  • Control knobs are easy-to-reach on the front of the cooktop and child-safe control knobs are available.
  • An electronic ignition system monitors the flame and will turn off the gas if the flame goes out.