Range Benefits

Cooking with Natural Gas

Pot on Stove

Natural gas is the preferred choice of professional chefs and makes a beautiful addition to your kitchen. With the even, direct heat and precise temperature control of natural gas, you’ll enjoy immediate financial savings, plus notice a difference in how your food tastes.


Instant on and off

Instantly get the precise flame and temperature control you want, from low simmers to robust boils.

Compare natural gas cooking costs to electricity costs

Cost savings

Save up to 75 per cent* on annual operating costs compared to an electric range.

Energy efficient

With an electronic ignition, the pilot light comes on only when you turn on the burner.


Control knobs are easy-to-reach on the front of the cooktop and child-safe knobs are available. And natural gas ranges are reliable even during a power outage.

Moist cooking method

Baked foods and roasted meats will always be perfect and never dry.

* Based on January, 2014 fuel rates for a standard home located in the Union Gas service area, with 4 people per household.