Pool Heater

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A natural gas heater is the most efficient choice to heat your pool and extend the swimming season into the spring and fall.


Highly energy efficient

Natural gas pool heaters heat water much faster than electric. An automatic thermostat keeps your pool at a consistent temperature and only heats when needed. For additional savings, be sure to use a pool cover to help seal in the heat. Read more about energy-efficiency.

Easy to maintain

New technology means easy maintenance and reliability. Many new pool heaters can self-diagnose minor problems so you can keep things running smoothly.

Safety features

With automatic safety shut-off controls, a natural gas pool heater increases your sense of security.

What to look for

  • Size - Its important to select the right size for your pool. An undersized heater will take longer to heat your pool and result in higher operating costs.
  • Ignition system - Choose from a pilot light or an electronic ignition system that eliminates the need for a continuous pilot light.

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