Patio Heater

Extend the summer season

Patio Heater

Natural gas patio heaters are a safe, convenient and affordable way to enjoy your outdoor living longer. With just a flick of the switch, patio heaters give you clean-burning warmth that never runs out.


The comfort of radiant heat
Radiant heat reflects off nearby walls, surfaces, or the heater’s mushroom dome.

Safe and dependable
Natural gas is a reliable fuel that never needs refilling.

Instant on & off
With the flick of a switch you’ll enjoy comforting heat.

A spark ignition system instead of a pilot light makes these heaters even more energy-efficient.

Flexible placement options
Place your heat exactly where you want it. Post mount, hanging or portable models are available.

What to look for

Choose from a tubular radiant, mushroom-type or suspended heater for the most intense heat.

Heating control
Look for an adjustable burner controlled by a dial or remote control.

Variety of sizes and models
Natural gas patio heaters range from 20,000 BTU/hour to 50,000 BTU/hour. For example, a 40,000 BTU natural gas patio heater can spread warmth over a 20-foot area.


  • Install your heater in a a sheltered area such as a walled or fenced in backyard.
  • Make sure there is enough clear space dedicated to the safe use of your heater.

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