Patio Fireplace

Outdoor fiireplace

Warm up your outdoor entertaining

Make summer last longer by adding a patio campfire, chimenea or outdoor fireplace to your backyard. A natural gas campfire puts out warming heat that's welcome on almost any night of the year.


Instant on and off
Just flick the switch and you have a warm and charming campfire ready to go - instantly. When you're done, just turn the fire off and put on its protective cover. You'll have no worries about lingering embers.

Safe, clean and convenient
No wood to chop, store or carry, and no ashes to clean. There are never any sparks to damage your patio furniture or cause you worry when you have children or pets.

Easy installation
Connecting your campfire to your home's natural gas supply is a simple, affordable job for a licensed natural gas contractor.

What to look for

A natural gas outdoor fireplace completes your backyard landscape and complements a pool beautifully. There are three styles of natural gas campfires:

  • Traditional designs look like a campfire in a pit.
  • Chiminea-style looks like a terra cotta pot belly stove.
  • Outdoor patio fireplaces add style and warmth to your outdoor entertainment room.

There are large and small firepits and outdoor fireplaces to fit every family. For a small space, consider a table-top model.


  • Choose an electronic ignition system for an easy, instant start with the push of a button or knob.
  • A stainless steel model can handle all weather conditions.

Connection Types
Opt for a quick connect hook up that gives you the freedom to easily connect and disconnect your natural gas equipment. You can also select a permanent post installation for a permanent location.

Municipal fire codes

Check with your local fire department regarding open-air burning regulations in your area.

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