Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting

Warm, inviting and secure

Natural gas lighting is ideal in any exterior setting - your patio, poolside, or as accent lighting. Outdoor lights give a warm glow, don't attract insects and offer you dependable security.


Beauty and convenience

Natural gas lighting gives a beautiful glow with no harsh glare. The warm flickering flame adds subtle yet sophisticated accent lighting to your outdoor living space.

Safe and secure

Natural gas lighting provides continuous, reliable light to dark corners or pathways 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You'll feel secure even when the power goes out.

No more bugs, just great light

Natural gas lighting does not attract bugs the way electric lights do.

What to look for

  • Style - Natural gas lighting comes in a range of modern and traditional designs to complement your decor.
  • Mounting - Lamps can be installed almost anywhere you wish - wall mounted, hung from a ceiling, or post-mounted.
  • Effects - Gas lamps with mantles provide the brightest light. For a flickering effect, choose a lamp with an open flame.


  • Be sure your lights are CSA-certified. Look for lights with double-strength glass to withstand harsh weather and the burner's heat.
  • Choose an electronic ignition system that turns on and off with a standard light switch.
  • Consider adding dimmer switches, battery operated on/off switches. You'll use less energy and enjoy all the light you want.

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