Maintain Gas Products

Your safety is our top priority

Like your car, natural gas appliances operate at peak efficiency when they are properly maintained.

Annual maintenance by registered contractors

We recommend you have a Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA)-registered contractor perform a yearly maintenance check-up of your gas-fired equipment and venting system to ensure safe, efficient operation.

  • Adjustments, cleaning of burners, replacement of parts, repairs and inspections of venting are jobs for licensed professionals who know the equipment and the codes that must be followed.
  • When calling for or agreeing to an inspection, ensure that the service provider uses licensed gas technicians to do an actual safety inspection and ask for the gas technician's provincial certificate number and the contractor's TSSA registration number.
  • Find a list of TSSA-registered contractors in your area on the TSSA website.

Household Air Supply

Natural gas products need an unimpeded air supply in order to burn natural gas safely and efficiently. Some equipment has a pipe that brings outdoor air into the combustion chamber but some still use household air for proper burning of gas.

  • Remember that other household appliances and systems also use air and exhaust it outdoors, all of which can reduce the amount of air available for your natural gas equipment.
  • When weatherstripping and sealing your home to conserve energy, provisions for adequate air and ventilation should be made at the same time.

Warning signs

  • Stale air and smells that linger.
  • Backdrafts from a fireplace or furnace.
  • Lots of moisture and mould build-up.
  • A pilot light that keeps going out.