Furnace Features

Multi-stage heating levels

  • High-efficiency Furnaces have 2 or more heating levels.
  • Furnace
  • On colder days, the furnace automatically cranks up to high, or full capacity. During the spring and fall, the furnace usually operates on low, circulating warm air for a longer time.
  • Benefit: The heat exchanger and ductwork stay warm longer, which is more efficient than constantly turning the burner on and off.

Variable speed blower motors

  • Air circulation is controlled by a blower in the furnace. A variable speed blower motor has multiple fan blower speeds and automatically adjusts to meet heating and cooling demands.
  • Benefit: A variable blower motor uses approximately 75% or 60% less electricity, has a longer lifespan than conventional blower motors, and is quieter than standard blowers.

Energy-saving electronic ignition

Electronic ignitions have replaced the pilot light found on older furnaces. The burner is ignited only when the thermostat calls for heat.