Furnace Cost Comparison

Significant cost savings

Consider both the furnace purchase price and the long-term operating costs of each heating option.

Heating with a high-efficiency natural gas furnace can save the average home between $1,200 and $2,100* every year, compared to using electricity, propane or oil.

Operating cost advantage with natural gas

Natural gas is more affordable now, thanks largely to the discovery of new North American supplies and improved production technologies.

Annual savings heating with natural gas
Annual savings heating with natural gas
Natural Gas Electric (Baseboard) Savings Over Electric Fuel Oil (83% AFUE) Savings Over Oil Propane Savings Over Propane
High Efficiency (ENERGY STAR, Min 90% AFUE) $718 $2,011 $1,293 $2,407 $1,689 $1,861 $1,143
High Efficiency with ECM (Variable speed motor) $703 $2,011 $1,308 $2,407 $1,704 $1,846 $1,143

Based on fuel rates as of December 2018 .
Natural Gas $0.36 per m3; Electricity $0.11 per kWh; Fuel Oil $1.14 per Litre; Propane $0.66 per Litre

* Assumptions to create the cost comparison were based on a standard home located in our service area with 4 people per household. Cost comparison does not include monthly fixed charges.