Fireplace Energy Efficiency

Choose your level of energy efficiency

Fireplace Efficiency (FE) is the measure of a fireplace's energy-efficiency performance over an entire heating season and is expressed as a percentage.

  • The higher the number, the more efficient the unit.
  • Most new natural gas fireplaces have a fire-efficiency rating between 30 and 70 per cent.

Energy efficiency features

Energy guideThe EnerGuide label shows how a fireplace compares to similar Canadian products on the energy-efficiency scale. < Learn about EnerGuide and how it can help you make wise energy choices.

Look for these features for a higher EnerGuide rating:

  • Direct vent design.
  • Automatic electronic ignition system.
  • Ceramic glass front that transmits heat more efficiently.
  • A quiet circulating fan that forces more heat to the room.
  • Temperature control with a wide turndown range.
  • Ducting capabilities that enable you to connect your fireplace to existing ductwork and distribute heat to remote areas of your home.


Simple ways to save energy

  • During the summer months or when you're not using your fireplace, turn your pilot light off. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when relighting.
  • When you&'re using the fireplace, turn your home's main thermostat down.
  • Keep the fireplace thermostat at the lowest setting possible while still maintaining your comfort level.
  • Clean the glass on your fireplace to maximize heat transfer.