Fireplace Cost Comparison

Start saving now with natural gas

When it comes to comparing a natural gas fireplace to a wood or electric fireplace the verdict is clear - natural gas wins on all fronts.

Compare to wood-burning

Check the annual operating cost savings of natural gas fireplace compared to wood-burning fireplace.

Fireplace Cost Comparison
Fireplace Input Average Hours/Year
Natural Gas
Wood Cost
Savings* Up To
20,000 BTU/hr 330 $103 $187 $84
30,000 BTU/hr 330 $141 $281 $140
40,000 BTU/hr 330 $178 $375 $197

Based on fuel rates as of Nov 2017 .
Natural gas $0.403176737560412 per m3
Wood $150 per cord (One full cord of wood = 4’x4’x8’)

*Assumptions to create the cost comparison were based on a 500 square foot room in a standard home located in the Union Gas service area.