Clothes in laundry hamper

Look your best for less

A high-efficiency natural gas dryer is the perfect way to dry your clothes exactly the way you like them – and save money in the process.



58 per cent cheaper to operate than an electric dryer, for an annual saving of $70*.

Better looking clothes

Moist heat reduces wrinkles.

Installation is simple

A licensed professional can easily install the dryer and a add a new gas line if needed.

How it works

  • The natural gas burner instantly raises the air temperature in the dryer drum when the unit starts.
  • Warm air gently circulates through the tumbling clothes, soaking up moisture before passing through a lint trap and then outside through a vent.
  • Electricity is still used to power the controls and motor.

* Based on December 2018 fuel rates for a standard home located in the Enbridge Gas service area, with 4 people per household.