Ways to manage your bill

Why your bill may be higher than usual

Several factors affect your natural gas bill, including gas rates and the average outdoor temperature. If you find your bill is higher than usual, here are the most common reasons:

  • When it's cold, you’ll use more gas to heat your home. Even out the highs and lows of your annual costs with the Equal Billing Plan.
  • More people or gas appliances in your house.
  • Rate increase – We buy gas on behalf of our customers at the best possible price and pass the price on without markup. You pay what we pay. And, when prices decline, we pass the full value of those savings on to you. Find out how gas rates are set.
  • If you have a contract with an independent energy marketer, contact your energy marketer directly for rate information.
  • Changes to your Equal Billing Plan monthly instalment - Your Equal Billing Plan (EBP) instalment is set every September for the upcoming heating season. The new instalment is based on your natural gas use for the previous year, and current gas rates. During the year, if there are significant changes in gas rates or your gas use, we will adjust your monthly EBP instalment amount up or down.

We can help you save money and energy

Enrol in the Equal Billing Plan

Most customers have higher natural gas bills in winter and lower bills in the summer. Spread your annual natural gas costs evenly through the year for easier budgeting and a more predictable monthly bill. Find out about the Equal Billing Plan.

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