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Charges from other companies

Enbridge Gas provides a billing service to other companies that offer energy-related products and services. These companies are not owned by or affiliated with Enbridge Gas. If you decide to buy a product or service from a participating company, the charges will appear on the section of your bill called Charges From Other Companies. Enbridge Gas does not recommend, endorse or guarantee the products or services offered by such companies.

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Examples of products/services offered:

  • the sale, service or rental of natural gas appliances
  • energy efficiency or environmental initiatives
  • household improvements that result in improved energy efficiency
  • financing contracts for natural gas appliances, home improvements or energy efficiency initiatives.

You should only provide your personal information, including your Enbridge Gas account number, if you’ve decided to enter into a contract with a participating company. The service provider’s name and phone number will appear with their charges on your bill. For questions about their product, service or charges, contact them directly.

Here is a list of participating companies:

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