Equal Monthly Payment Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enrol in Equal Monthly Payment Plan?

All residential customers can enrol in Equal Monthly Payment Plan.

Is there a cost to join the Equal Monthly Payment Plan?

No, there are no fees for enrolling in the Equal Monthly Payment Plan.

Does the Equal Monthly Payment Plan give a discount on my charges?

Equal Monthly Payment Plan spreads your natural gas costs over a 12 month period, but the total charges are the same as regular billing.

How is the monthly instalment calculated?

We estimate your annual gas costs for the upcoming year based on your total natural gas use from the previous year, using current gas rates. This amount is divided into 11 equal monthly instalments.

Are taxes included?

Taxes are included in the monthly instalment.

What causes a mid-year adjustment?

  • Unusual weather that causes you to use significantly more gas than forecasted.
  • Unexpected gas rate changes (up or down).
  • Substantial changes in your family's use of heat and hot water.
  • Adding new natural gas appliances.

What happens if I move?

  • Log in to myaccount and go to the "I'm Moving" tab.
  • The Equal Monthly Payment Plan will be cancelled for your current address and you can set it up for your new home.
  • Your account will be charged or credited the difference between payments received and the actual gas you've used

How do I enrol in Equal Monthly Payment Plan?

Log in to myaccount or sign up for myaccount now. Go to the Equal Monthly Payment Plan (EMPP) tab to calculate your monthly instalment and enrol.

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