Bill and Payments: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about billing and payments.

How does your billing process work?

We bill customers on a monthly basis.

  • We read your gas meter every month to measure the exact amount of gas used. If we can’t read your meter, you will receive an estimated bill, based on past use and adjusted for weather conditions.
  • The billing date is determined by the meter reading schedule for your home. You are not able to choose your billing date.
  • Bills are due when rendered and you are provided a period of 20 days for payment before a Late Payment Charge is applied to your account.
  • Choose eBill and have your gas bill emailed to you each month. You can also sign up for a yearly summary of your billing history emailed each January. You have the option to receive a payment reminder email each month so you never forget to make a payment. Sign up for the eBill options.

How do I pay my bill?

Payment options available:

Automatic Payment Plan – your payment is automatically sent from your financial institution every month. Visit Automatic Payment Plan to learn more.

Online Banking – Pay at your financial institution's website. You will need your 14-digit account number to set up Enbridge Gas (Union Gas) as a payee.

Telephone Banking – supply your financial institution with your 14-digit account number and add Enbridge Gas (Union Gas) as a payee.

Credit Card – you can pay using your credit card online or call 1-877-811-1911. Make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments. This credit card service is provided by Paymentus and is subject to a service fee. Learn about credit card payments and service fees.

Pay in Person – you can pay your bill at your financial institution. Remember to take you entire bill with you when making your payment.

Pay by Mail – enclose the bottom, tear-away portion of your bill with your cheque and write your 14-digit account number on the front of your cheque. Use the return envelope included with your bill. Allow 3 business days for delivery. For more information about payment options, visit Pay your Bill.

When is my payment due?

Bills are due when rendered and you are provided a period of 20 days for payment before a late payment charge is applied to your account. To ensure your account is updated correctly, please allow three business days for payment receipt and processing.

What is the charge for late payments?

The monthly late payment charge is equal to 1.5% per month or 18% per annum. The late payment fee is charged on all unpaid charges if full payment is not received before the late payment effective date shown on your bill. This date is 20 days after the bill date shown on your bill.

What are the usual charges on my monthly bill?

You will see two types of costs on your monthly bill:

Costs that vary with the amount of natural gas you use:

Gas used - The cost of the natural gas your household consumed during the past month.

Transportation to you - The cost to transport natural gas from where it is produced into our distribution system in Ontario. We purchase natural gas and transportation services from the market and passes the cost through to our customers without mark-up. (Note: as of Jan 1, 2017, this cost is included in the gas used charge for customers in Southern Ontario. These customers will no longer see a separate Transportation to Union Gas line item on their bill).

Storage - The cost to store the gas until it's needed.

Delivery - The cost to deliver natural gas from our distribution system to your home or business.

Costs that do not vary with the amount of natural gas you use:

Monthly charge - A fixed monthly charge covering meter reading and billing, operating and maintaining our gas distribution system, maintaining the service line to your home or office, and keeping service technicians available 24/7 to ensure the safe operation of our system.

Go to understanding your bill for more information.

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