February 2021 E = Connecting With Our Customers Newsletter

Connecting With Our Customers
February 2021

Fuelling Ontario’s clean energy transition

You may be asking—what is a natural gas company doing to fight climate change? We’re stepping up, targeting net-zero emissions in our own operations by 2050 and leading the transition to a low-carbon economy through innovative energy solutions.

How we’re advancing low-carbon solutions to keep energy affordable:

  • Greening the gas supply with carbon-neutral sources including renewable natural gas and zero emission hydrogen
  • Helping homes and businesses use less energy and save money through efficiency programs.
  • Investing in low-carbon technologies for heat and transportation like compressed natural gas as an alternative to diesel.
  • Providing essential backup to enable renewable electricity.
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Visit our towards a clean energy future page to learn more about a clean energy future.

Equal Monthly Payment Plan review time

If you participate in the Equal Monthly Payment Plan (EMPP), you may see an adjustment to your bill amount this February or March. We check your gas use throughout the year to see if it’s on track with our estimate. If there’s a significant change in gas rates or your use, we’ll adjust your monthly instalment up or down. This helps prevent any surprises and a large bill at the end of your EMPP term.

A look ahead to this summer:

  • June. The current EMPP term will end and you’ll be credited or charged the difference between your EMPP instalments paid and your actual usage.
  • July. Before the new plan starts, your bill will reflect your actual gas usage for this month.
  • August. Your new EMPP plan and instalment will begin. Don’t worry, you will be automatically re-enrolled. Your monthly EMPP instalment will be reset based on your expected gas use and the gas price forecast for the coming year.
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Visit our EMPP page for more updates or information on how to sign up or cancel EMPP.

Keep your meter clear

Meter covered in snow

During the winter it’s important to keep your outdoor natural gas meter and exhaust vents free of snow and ice. A gas meter covered in snow or ice can impede its ability to regulate the pressure of the gas supplied to your home, which could lead to serious risks for you and your family. Gently brush off snow or ice with a soft broom or brush and never use a sharp tool like an ice scraper. Also be careful not to bump your meter with a shovel or snow blower.

If we can’t reach it, we can’t read it.

Don’t forget to clear a path to your meter—it allows easy access for accurate meter readings or in emergency situations. If your meter isn’t accessible, your bill will show an estimated amount and will be adjusted the next time we can get an accurate reading. You can also contact us online using myaccount or by calling 1-888-774-3111, select option 2, and submit your meter reading.

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Visit our gas meter safety page to watch a short video on how to keep your meter clear.

Contact Ontario One Call if you have a blocked sewer

Underground natural gas pipelines unintentionally installed through sewer or septic pipes are called cross bores. Cross bores can result in a dangerous natural gas leak if equipment used to unclog sewer or septic pipes damages the natural gas line.

If you have a blocked sewer or septic pipe outside the walls of your home, be sure to call Ontario One Call toll free at 1-800-400-2255 for a free, on-site sewer safety inspection before you, a contractor or plumber try clearing it. These calls are high priority—Ontario One Call immediately notifies service providers who will send a representative to verify if there’s a cross bore on your property. If a cross bore is found, the sewer line will be fixed at no cost to you.

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Visit our sewer safety page for more information and to watch a video on sewer safety.

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