May 2020 E = Connecting With Our Customers Newsletter

Connecting With Our Customers
May 2020

Moving made easy with myaccount

Couple sitting with laptop and moving boxes on the floor

Moving can be complicated and take a lot of planning. Moving your Enbridge Gas account doesn’t need to be. If you’re planning to move be sure to register for myaccount—our convenient online account tool—for the easiest way to move, open or close your natural gas service. There’s no calling, waiting or office hours and you can update your move request at any time.

How do I make the move?

  1. Go to to register or log in.
  2. Click I’m Moving followed by Transfer Your Gas Service.
  3. Fill out your new address and move date.

And if you no longer need natural gas service, just click Stop Service to close your account. Visit to make your move easier.

Enbridge Gas’ response to COVID-19

Employee in truck

We know our customers depend on us to safely and reliably provide the energy they need. We are continuing to provide priority services including emergency response and the safe and reliable natural gas distribution, storage and transportation services our customers rely on.

Visit to find more information on our response to COVID-19.

Check first before digging into those summer projects

Person digging hole in yard

If you’re planning to dig on your property this summer, whether it’s a small garden project or major renovation like a pool, it’s against the law to start before having your natural gas and other utility lines located. Digging without locates could damage the network of gas and water pipes, telephone, hydro or cable TV lines which may be located near the surface of your property.

Pause before you dig

Contact Ontario One Call at at least five business days before digging to get a free locate of the underground utility lines on your property so you can complete your project safely. Consider if your backyard project is essential during these challenging times. If possible, give yourself more time before planning your project to ensure wait times haven’t been impacted due to COVID-19.

Remember any private lines

Private lines installed by you or a previous homeowner and not utility representatives, such as a gas line from your house to a backyard garage, natural gas barbecue or a pool heater, are not covered by Ontario One Call’s scope. You must arrange for a separate private locate to be completed by a locate service provider. Fees will apply.

Visit for more information and our video on safe digging practices.

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