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Connecting With Our Customers
October 2019

More than just affordable home and water heating

Natural gas benefits your life every day

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It’s reliable
Since natural gas is connected directly to your home via underground pipelines, bad weather won’t prevent natural gas from reaching your home, unlike other energy sources.
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Keeps energy costs low
Natural gas costs less today than it did 10 years ago. With massive deposits right here in North America, natural gas will continue to be your most affordable energy source for years to come. Using natural gas instead of electricity, oil or propane to heat your home and water can save you up to $1,880* a year.
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Strengthens the economy
Access to such a reliable source of affordable energy allows businesses to thrive in a highly competitive environment and supports many jobs in your community and across the country.
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Lower emissions
Natural gas is by far the cleanest burning conventional fuel, producing fewer carbon emissions than diesel or gasoline for transportation and almost no sulphur dioxide or particulate matter.
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Making products you use daily
Composed of hydrocarbons, an essential component in the manufacturing of plastics, natural gas is needed to make over 6,000 household products, from sippy cups and running shoes to toothbrushes, cell phones, tires and trash bags.
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Visit our About Us page to learn more about the benefits of natural gas.

*Annual savings estimate is based on December 2018 fuel rates for a four-person home using 1,870 cubic metres (m3) of natural gas for space heating plus 330 m3 for water heating. Savings vary by household.

Know the smell

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If you smell sulphur or rotten eggs, it could be a natural gas leak

You can’t see or taste natural gas so we made sure you can smell it. A harmless gas called mercaptan is added to natural gas to make it smell like rotten eggs.

No energy source is safer or more reliable than natural gas. Leaks are rare but if one does occur, you need to know what to do to keep your home and family safe.

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If you smell rotten eggs there may be a gas leak. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Act quickly and remain calm.
  • Go outside or leave the area immediately.
  • Call our 24-hour emergency number at 1-877-969-0999 or call 911 from a safe distance (like a neighbour’s home).
  • Don’t use electrical switches, appliances, phones, garage door openers, motor vehicles or lighters and don’t smoke.
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Remember, smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms won’t detect a natural gas leak. Use a natural gas alarm or combined natural gas/CO alarm to detect a leak.

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Visit our Natural Gas Smell page to learn more and watch our video on gas leak safety.

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