May 2019 Intouch Customer Information Newsletter

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You can sign up for emails or text alerts and receive our messages faster and more conveniently.

Why sign up?

  • Receive important messages the way you want them.
  • Get up-to-date information instantly.
  • Receive bill and payment reminders, emergency and outage notices and service appointment booking reminders you wouldn’t get in the mail.

How do I sign up?

  • Log in to myaccount and you’ll find your preferences in the Update My Info tab under Communications Preferences. You can also call 1-888-774-3111.

Not a myaccount user? Sign up today

  • Go to and click ‘Register Now’.
  • Complete the registration page—be sure to have your 14-digit Union Gas account number handy.
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Log in to myaccount to sign up for text and email notifications.

Watch for our new name and look in June

Next month, we’ll begin to use our new Enbridge branding, and replace intouch with our new newsletter E = Connecting With Our Customers. While our name may be changing, you can expect the same great information and tips we’ve always shared.


It could be a
natural gas leak

You can’t see or taste natural gas, which is why we make sure you can smell it. We add a harmless gas called mercaptan to make it smell like rotten eggs.

If you smell rotten eggs and suspect a leak follow these steps:

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    Leave your home immediately.

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    From a safe distance, call Union Gas at 1-877-969-0999 or call 911.

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    Don’t use electrical switches, appliances, phones, garage door openers, vehicles or lighters and don’t smoke.

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    Don’t open windows.

Install the right alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms won’t detect a natural gas leak. Use a natural gas alarm or combined natural gas/CO alarm to detect a leak.

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Visit our safety page to learn more and watch our video on gas leak safety.