Payment change information

An alert icon.

Our name has changed You may need to make a
change to your payments

Depending on how you pay us,
you may need to take action:

  • Computer mouse icon.

    Online or telephone banking
    Set up Enbridge (Union Gas) as a new payee, then delete Union Gas from your payee list.

  • Cheque icon.

    Start making your cheques payable to Enbridge Gas Inc.

  • Checkmark icon.

    Automatic withdrawal
    No changes required. You’ll now see Enbridge Gas Inc. associated with your payments.

  • Credit card icon

    Credit card
    The process with Paymentus remains the same. You will now see Enbridge (Union Gas) associated with your payments.

  • Mail icon.

    Wire transfer
    Watch your mail for a letter with specific instructions to make your payments.

Visit our Payments page for more information.