The federal carbon charge is now included on your bill

As part of the Government of Canada’s carbon pollution pricing program, a carbon charge now applies on the natural gas you use. This charge is shown as a separate line item on your bill.

Your total cost is determined by how much gas you use

The federal carbon charge rate is 3.91 cents per cubic metre (m3) of natural gas used. This charge will increase annually each April.

Your total cost is determined by multiplying the federal carbon charge rate by the number of cubic metres of gas you used, which can be found on your natural gas bill.

For the average Ontario household, this will add about $86 to your annual gas bill.

Natural gas is dependable and affordable energy that enhances people's quality of life and helps local business and industry prosper and grow. It continues to be the lowest-cost energy source and remains the most economical choice for home and water heating in Ontario. You can save up to $1,880 a year by heating your home and water with natural gas versus electricity, oil or propane.

Enbridge Gas offers energy efficiency tips and programs that may help you reduce your natural gas use and the amount of the federal carbon charge on your bill. Visit our Save Money & Energy page to learn more.

The Government of Canada has introduced a climate action incentive payment (CAI) of up to $307 for a family of four in Ontario in 2019. The CAI can be claimed when you file your income tax return. Visit to learn more.

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Visit our Federal Carbon Charge page for more information on the Federal Carbon Pricing Program and related charges.

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