March 2018 Intouch Customer Information Newsletter

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Make your life easier by having a stable and predictable energy bill every month. When you sign up for the free Union Gas Equal Billing Plan (EBP) you’ll be able to budget your monthly natural gas expenses and stay on track.

How does it work?

We estimate your natural gas charges for the upcoming year based on your past gas use and expected rates. Then, we divide that amount into 11 equal monthly instalments, from September to next July. In August your account is credited if you used less gas than estimated, or charged if you used more, so you only pay for the gas you used.

Signing up for the EBP is easy:

  • Register or log in to myaccount.
  • Select Bills & Payments, choose EBP and follow the steps.
  • Or call 1-888-774-3111 and press 2.
  • Be sure to have your Union Gas account number handy.
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Visit our Equal Billing Plan page for more on EBP and how it can help your budgeting.

Digital illustration of an outdoor gas meter.

With winter snow and ice still here, be sure to keep your outdoor natural gas meter and equipment air intakes and exhaust vents clear. This ensures the meter will work safely and efficiently, and also allows easy access for accurate meter readings or emergency repairs.

Just gently brush off snow or ice with a soft broom or brush—never an ice scraper or other sharp tool. And be careful not to bump your meter with a snow blower.

As you prepare for spring cleaning, remember to keep boxes and other items away from your furnace, water heater and thermostat. Keep the space around them clear in case Union Gas or your heating contractor need to get at them for service or repairs.

If you have difficulty clearing off your meter or expect a problem ensuring safe access to it, contact us online through myaccount or call 1-888-774-3111, press three, three and then one to record your reading.

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Visit our Safety page to watch a video on how to keep your meter clean and meter reader safe.