August 2018 Intouch Customer Information Newsletter

A man sits in his home reviewing his bill while typing on a laptop.

In August, we balance your Equal Billing Plan (EBP) natural gas payments with your actual gas costs for the year. When you signed up, we estimated the amount of gas you’d use over the year and divided it into 11 equal instalments from September – July. This month, you’re credited or charged the difference between your instalments paid and the actual gas costs so you only pay for the gas you’ve used.

In September, you’re automatically re-enrolled and your new EBP instalment amount is set for the following 11 months.

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  • Register or log in to myaccount, select Bills & Payments, choose EBP and follow the steps.
  • You can also call 1-888-774-3111 and press 2—be sure to have your Union Gas account number handy.
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    Visit our Equal Billing Page for more information on how EBP can benefit your budget.

    With myaccount,
    moving is easy

    A man and woman carry boxes into their new home.

    If you’re planning to move be sure to register for myaccount, Union Gas’ online account management tool—it’s the easiest way to move, open or close your natural gas service. There’s no waiting, calling or office hours and you can update your move request at any time.

    How do I make the move?

  • Go to myaccount to log in.
  • Once online, click ‘I’m Moving.’
  • Then choose ‘Transfer Your Gas Service.’
  • Fill out your new address and move date.
  • If you no longer need Union Gas service, just click ‘Stop Service’ to close your account.

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    Visit our Moving page to find out how to make your move easier.

    An illustration of a shovel piercing the ground above a natural gas pipeline.

    Planning a yard project?
    Call or click before you dig.

    Contact Ontario One Call or 1-800-400-2255 to have utility lines on your property located and marked to prevent any damage or injury.