April 2018 Intouch Customer Information Newsletter

A man and woman hold boxes while standing in their new kitchen.

If you’re about to move, be sure to register for myaccount—Union Gas' online management tool—for the easiest way to move, open or close your natural gas service. There’s no calling, waiting or office hours to work around.

How do I make the move?

  • Visit myaccount to log in.
  • Click ‘I’m Moving’ followed by ‘Transfer Your Gas Service.’
  • Fill out your new address and move date.

You can update your move request at any time, and, if you no longer need Union Gas’ service, just click ‘Stop Service’ to close your account.

illustration of a desktop computer

Visit the Start, Stop or Move Service page to learn more on how to make your move.

Equal Billing Plan review

Equal Billing Plan customers’ monthly instalment amounts may have changed this month due to a rate change and/or the amount of gas you use. Log in to myaccount or check your bill to see your instalment amount and gas use.

Visit the Equal Billing Plan page for more information.

An illustrated shovel entering the ground above a natural gas line.

April is National Dig Safe Month, which is set in place to help prevent injuries, property damage and inconvenient outages. In 2017, Union Gas responded to nearly 1,000 instances of damaged pipelines. If you’re planning to dig, whether it’s a small garden project or major renovations, it’s against the law to start before having your natural gas and utility lines located.

Call or click before you dig

Ensure safety for yourself and those around you. Contact Ontario One Call or call 1-800-400-2255 for a free and timely locate of utility lines on your property at least five days before digging.

illustration of a desktop computer with a play icon

Visit the Safety page for more information and our video on safe digging practices.