September 2017 inTouch Customer Information Newsletter

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Equal billing makes budgeting easier

Sign up today for the Union Gas Equal Billing Plan

With the Union Gas Equal Billing Plan (EBP), your bill will be the same amount every month from September to July, based on 11 equal payments for your estimated annual gas use. In August, you’ll be credited or charged for any difference, so you only pay for the gas you used.

Get predictable energy bills with equal payments

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Signing up for equal billing is easy

illustration of a desktop computer Online, register or log in to myaccount, select Bills & Payments, choose EBP and follow the steps.

illustration of a mobile device Or call 1-888-774-3111 and press 2. Be sure to have your Union Gas account number ready.

Already have equal billing?

Your new EBP instalment amount is now set for the next 11 months. Look for it on this month’s bill.

Visit for more information about the EBP and how it can help your budgeting.

Blocked sewer? Call for safety’s sake

Call for a fast and free natural gas sewer safety

  • Before you use any kind of motorized drain cleaning or high-pressure water jetting equipment to clear a sewer line outside the walls of your home, call to be sure there’s no natural gas line intersecting your sewer line—called a ‘cross bore’.
  • If there is a cross bore, you could damage the gas line, causing an immediate and serious safety risk.
  • If a cross bore is found, the sewer line will also be fixed at no cost to you.
  • These calls are high priorities, so a Union Gas representative will be sent quickly to check.

For more information and to watch a video about sewer safety, visit

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What does natural gas have to do with sewer lines?

Underground natural gas lines can be mistakenly installed through sewer or septic lines, creating a ‘cross bore’. Left undisturbed, these cross bores aren’t an immediate safety risk. However, they can be dangerous as the equipment used to unclog sewer and septic lines can easily cut a natural gas line and lead to a dangerous gas leak.