May Gas Advocacy

Natural gas rates have risen slightly. Here's why:

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) approved changes to Union Gas rates as of April 1, 2017.

The rates for natural gas and gas transportation services increased by about $20 to $50 a year, depending on where you live. Union Gas buys natural gas on the open market and pays other pipeline companies to transport it to our distribution system from where it’s produced. These rates are reviewed and approved by the OEB, ensuring that the rates we pass on to you are fair and reasonable.

As always, you pay what we pay.

Union Gas never marks up the market price of natural gas: you pay what we pay. And when prices go down, you save what we save.

A bit more than last month. A lot less than 10 years ago.

Even with this increase, you’re still saving up to $2,500 a year by using natural gas rather than electricity, oil or propane for heat and hot water.

simplified bar chart showing a slight increase in natural gas rates

Chart based on October 2016 rates in London and Thunder Bay, and average annual energy use of 82 GJ, or 2,200 m3 of natural gas, per year.

With massive deposits of natural gas in North America, prices will remain low for years to come. So you can continue to count on Union Gas to deliver the best value for your energy dollar.

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