Make your biggest investment your smartest one

Buying a new home?  Be sure to explore the ENERGY STAR Difference

Make your biggest investment your smartest one.

ENERGY STAR qualified homes use less energy than typical new homes, offering your family a healthier, more comfortable living space - and lower utility bills too.

House cutaway to show the internal workings and pipes

Built better all over.

A look at the features that set ENERGY STAR qualified homes apart:

Building Envelope:
Keeping energy savings in


Better insulation, properly installed


Air sealing reduces drafts and energy costs


ENERGY STAR windows and doors

Heating & Cooling:
circulating comfort


High efficiency HVAC equipment


Right-sized equipment and ductwork


Air-sealed ducts

breathing easy


High performance fresh air ventilation


Filters reduce allergens and pollutants


Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilation

Imagine enjoying all the features you want in your new home, while saving on energy costs. And you'll have real peace of mind, knowing your home is designed, built, tested and inspected to a government-backed standard that's 20 per cent above code.

Better value for today and tomorrow

Take advantage of energy savings today and enhanced resale potential tomorrow.

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*ENERGY STAR New Homes savings if built to the latest ENERGY STAR standard by Natural Resources Canada.