July 2017 inTouch Customer Information Newsletter

Keep your meter – and our meter reader – in the clear

Secure or move your dog before visits

illustration of gas meter

Union Gas meter readers and service personnel need to have easy access to your natural gas equipment to do their jobs. That means keeping your gas meter, indoor gas equipment and exhaust vents clear of storage boxes, garden tools, vegetation... and pets.

Pet-friendly tips:

  • Even your sweet-tempered dog can become aggressive to protect you or your home
  • Our meter readers won't come on your property if pets are running loose
  • Your bill shows the dates of your last meter readings, so you have an idea of about when to leave gates unlocked and keep pets secured
  • If you expect a problem ensuring safe access on your expected meter reading date, submit your meter reading online at or by telephone at 1-888-774-3111, option 2

Did you know?

dog behind a fence

In Ontario, anyone injured by a dog is entitled to seek compensation. If your dog bites someone, you could have to pay a significant amount in damages. Even if your dog doesn't have a history of aggressive behavior, you can be held liable. In 2016, 20 Union Gas representatives were bitten by dogs while on the job.

Visit our Safety Section for more information and to watch a short video about gas meter safety.

We Are Here

Union Gas service rep, natural gas range, tomatoes in a greenhouse

Almost everywhere you look, We Are Here. From the snowy hills of Thunder Bay to the sun-kissed fields of Chatham Kent, from Windsor’s busy Erie Street restaurant row to your own family kitchen, Union Gas and the energy we deliver is part of the fabric of life here in Ontario.

Visit our YouTube channel, Facebook page or the About Us section to watch the Union Gas story and learn more about all the ways We Are Here. View it, like it, share it and then let us know how natural gas and Union Gas supports you in work, life and play. #WeAreHere.

About Cap and Trade

  • The Ontario government's cap-and-trade program began Jan. 1, 2017
  • The program's costs are included in the Delivery charge on your natural gas bill
  • Estimate the cost of cap and trade on your bill with our calculator
  • Visit our Cap and Trade section to learn more about cap and trade its impact on your bill