Please Keep your Gas Meter Clear

Various common winter items such as a shovel, hockey net, toboggan, etc. are blocking the text reading 'If we can’t reach it, we can’t read it.'
we need to be able to read your meter

That way we can bill you for the natural gas you actually use. Be sure to brush snow and ice off your meter and make sure there are no obstacles blocking access to it.

If severe weather hits and we can’t access your gas meter, we’ll send you an estimated bill and adjust it the next month. Or if you prefer, you can always submit your own meter reading.

Learn to Read your Gas Meter

In the event that we can't take a reading, you can always do it yourself.

Read your own meter:

Digital meter: Record the five numbers left to right.

An illustration of a digital meter reader

Dial meter: Record the dials left to right. Use the lower number if the pointer is between two numbers. Record “9” if the pointer is between “0” and “9.”

An illustration of a dial meter reader

Submit your own meter reading:

Online: By Phone:
  • Call 1.888.774.3111 -it's toll-free and 24/7
  • Please follow the voice prompts
  • You’ll need to enter your 14-digit account number

For more information, visit

deep snow banks with a snow shovel sticking out.