August 2017 inTouch Customer Information Newsletter

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Call before you dig: a free locate prevents a costly mistake

From minor garden projects to major renovations, it’s against the law to dig on your property without first having gas lines located.

Planning to dig? Contact Ontario One Call at least five business days before digging. Their service is free and available 24/7. All underground utilities on your property, including natural gas lines, will be located and marked, free of charge, so your project can be completed safely.

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Don't dig yourself into trouble

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  • Digging could damage utility pipes, lines or wires on your property.
  • That could create a safety hazard or disrupt service to your entire neighbourhood.
  • You’d be liable for the cost of repairs and a potential lawsuit for property damage or personal injury if you fail to have lines located and marked.

Visit our safety section for more information and to watch a short video about digging safely.

Equal Billing Plan: it’s time to true up

If you’re signed up for the Equal Billing Plan (EBP):

This month, we reconcile your EBP payments with your actual natural gas costs. You’ll be credited or charged the difference between what you paid and what you used. Look for your true-up balance on this bill.

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– Predictable energy bills with equal billing payments

bar chart demonstrating monthly equal billing versus fluctuating monthly gas use

How the Equal Billing Plan works:

  • Your Union Gas charges for the year ahead are estimated, based on current gas rates and your gas usage from the previous year.
  • That amount is divided into 11 equal instalments from September to July.
  • In August, you are credited or charged the difference between instalments paid and actual gas costs (called a true-up).
  • In September, you’re automatically re-enrolled and your new EBP instalment amount is set for the next 11 months.

Equal billing makes budgeting easy. Signing up is easy too:

Online, register or log in to myaccount, select Bills & Payments, choose EBP and follow the steps.

Or call 1-888-774-3111 and press 2. Be sure to have your Union Gas account number handy.

Visit our equal billing plan section to learn more about the benefits of equal billing.