Equal Billing Plan

Illustration of a TV set, a cell phone and a natural gas flame.
Predictable monthly payments make life easier.

Sign up for the Equal Billing Plan (EBP) today.


  • We estimate your charges for the upcoming year based on your past gas use and expected rates
  • That amount is divided into 11 equal monthly instalments
  • Your instalments run from September to July
  • In August, you’re credited if you used less gas than estimated, or charged if you used more – you only pay for the gas you used


  • Register or log in to MyAccount at uniongas.com/myaccount
  • Select Billing and Payments
  • Choose EBP and follow the instructions
  • Or call 1-888-774-3111 and select Option 2
  • Visit uniongas.com/EBP to find out more about the Equal Billing Plan.

Bar graph that shows eleven equal monthly payments from September through July with varying gas usage over the same period, it also shows August as the true up month.