Make your biggest investment your smartest one.

Buying a new home?  Be sure to explore the ENERGY STAR difference

ENERGY STAR qualified homes use 20 per cent* less energy than typical new homes, offering your family a healthier, more comfortable living space – and lower utility bills too.

Expect more from an ENERGY STAR qualified home:

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Lower energy bills Lower energy use reduces utility bills, saving you up to $400/year.*

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Improved comfort Efficient heating and cooling systems help keep temperature consistent.

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Clean, healthy air High performance ventilation provides a steady supply of fresh, filtered air.

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Lower maintenance A home that's built better helps reduce costs associated with leaks and moisture issues.

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Peace of Mind Higher performance that's tested and third–party verified – that's real peace of mind.

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Long-term value Energy savings now. Enhanced resale potential later. Choose an ENERGY STAR qualified home.

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