Supporting Ontario's clean energy future

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The everyday benefits of natural gas

Natural gas delivers benefits that go far beyond heating your home. You may not realize how many of the everyday advantages you take for granted wouldn't be possible without Ontario's clean, affordable energy source.

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Keeping energy costs low: Natural gas costs less today than it did 10 years ago and massive deposits, newly discovered right here in North America, ensure that it will continue to be your most affordable energy source for many years to come. Using natural gas instead of electricity, oil or propane to heat your home and water saves you up to $3,000 a year.

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Strengthening the economy: Access to such a reliable source of affordable energy allows businesses to thrive in a highly competitive environment. The natural gas industry supports hundreds of thousands direct and indirect jobs, across the country and in your own community.

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Clearing the air: Natural gas is by far the cleanest burning conventional fuel, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent versus diesel and gasoline. This makes it a crucial low emission energy source for transportation.

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Making things you use every day: Composed of hydrocarbons, an essential component in the manufacture of plastics, natural gas is needed to make over 6,000 household products, from sippy cups and running shoes to toothbrushes, tires and trash bags.

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Keep you meter clear in summer too

Your meter reader and heating contractor need to be able to get at your gas meter and heating equipment (furnace, water heater and thermostat) all year round. Please ensure that storage boxes and household supplies are kept well away from indoor appliances, for easy access in case of emergency.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind this summer:

Access = accuracy

If we can’t get to your meter for a proper reading, you'll be billed for an estimated amount rather than for the natural gas you actually used.

Construct, don't obstruct

Be sure structures such as decks or porches don’t block access to your meter, so we can get to it quickly in an emergency.

Don't lean on me

Please don't hang, prop or set planters, garden tools or other items on your meter or gas piping, and don't let vegetation grow over it.

Pet-free zone

Pets should never be tied to your natural gas meter or piping - it could break, creating a serious safety hazard. Dogs must be kept on-leash or indoors when Union Gas employees are on your property.

No go? Let us know

If you know your meter will be blocked for a certain period, because of home renovations or repairs for example, please contact our Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-774-3111 to make other arrangements for your meter reading.

Go to our safety section for more tips to keep your family safe.