Your best energy value by far

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10 reasons why Union Gas continues to be your best energy value

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  1. Natural gas prices dropped by about $50/year on Jan. 1, 2016.
  2. Overall, gas rates are lower than 10 years ago.
  3. Abundant North American supply should keep natural gas rates low for years to come.
  4. Heating your home and water with gas saves up to $2,500/year compared to using electricity, oil or propane.
  5. Switching to a natural gas dryer, range, barbecue and fireplace saves another $500/year.
  6. You pay the same price we pay for gas with no mark up.
  7. There are no expensive time-of-use peak rates for natural gas as there are for electricity.
  8. Electricity rates are on the rise, with two price hikes in the past four months, and another increase expected later this year.
  9. Union Gas rates are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board, ensuring that they're fair and reasonable. Independent energy marketers are not regulated.
  10. Natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel, producing 45% less carbon dioxide than coal, and 30% less than oil.

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Keep the path to your meter clear all winter

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Make a habit of clearing a path to your natural gas meter whenever you shovel your driveway this winter so our meter reader can take accurate readings. This ensures that you're charged for the natural gas you actually use instead of an estimated amount. It also ensures prompt access to your meter in case of emergency.

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Natural gas meters can take the winter cold but they're not designed to withstand a heavy blanket of snow or ice. The extra weight can cause problems with gas pressure and lead to serious risks. Gently brushing off your meter with a gloved hand or broom - taking care not to damage the fittings - will help to keep it working properly. Please contact Union Gas toll-free at 1-877-969-0999 if you have a problem clearing off your meter.

Please don't tie pets to your meter or natural gas piping. This could damage equipment, creating a safety hazard. And remember: even a friendly dog can become aggressive when a stranger approaches. Please keep pets safely out of the way for the meter reader.

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