It's time to true up

Bar graph that shows eleven equal monthly payments from September through July with varying gas usage over the same months, and shows August as the true up month.

This month, we balance your gas payments with your actual gas costs.

We estimated the amount of gas you would use over the year and divided that into equal instalments. This month you’ll be credited or charged the difference between your instalments paid and your actual gas costs. Look for your true-up balance on this bill.


Equal billing = Easy budgeting

Union Gas divides your annual gas charges into equal monthly instalments so you don’t pay more in January than in September.

How EBP works:

  • We estimate your Union Gas charges for the upcoming year based on current gas rates and your gas usage from the previous year.
  • We divide that amount into 11 equal instalments from September to July.
  • In August, you are credited or charged the difference between the instalments paid and your actual gas costs (called a true-up).
  • In September, your new EBP instalment amount is set for the next 11 months.
Scale showing how Equal Billing Plan provides predictable energy bills with equal billing payments throughout the winter to summer

Sign up is easy.


  1. Register or log in to MyAccount
  2. Select Bills & Payments
  3. Choose EBP and follow the steps

Or call 1-888-774-3111 and press 2

Please be sure to have your Union Gas account number handy.