Kingsville Transmission Reinforcement

Gas helps economy

Project Phase: Regulatory Approval

The greenhouse market in the Leamington and Kingsville areas is growing fast, and there is also an increased demand for natural gas from residential, commercial and industrial customers in Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas.

To support this growth, Enbridge Gas is constructing a 20-inch diameter, 19 km natural gas pipeline from the Town of Lakeshore to the Town of Kingsville. (Note: As of Jan. 1, 2019, Union Gas and Enbridge Gas Distribution have amalgamated into one utility with the legal name Enbridge Gas Inc.)

A route for the pipeline has been determined. View a map for the route.

It will feature a new valve site and tie-in to the Panhandle Pipeline between Belle River Road (County Road 27) and Lakeshore Road 223 in the Town of Lakeshore, and will end at a new valve site located near Concession Road 3 East and Graham Side Road in the Town of Kingsville. 

Construction will begin in mid-2019 and be complete by the end of 2019.

Latest updates

Feb. 7, 2019
Tree clearing along the project route will begin shortly. We are committed to minimizing the effects of our projects and operations on the environment. To minimize the impact of tree removal, Enbridge Gas will replace an area of trees twice that of those removed based on 1,000 seedlings per acre, and will work closely with the local conservation authority and affected landowners on tree replacement.

Sept. 21, 2018
The project has been approved by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). Please view the OEB decision.

Jan. 26, 2018
The project application has been filed with the OEB. You can view the project application and all supporting documents.

Dec. 20, 2017
You can view the project's Environmental Report.

Oct. 27, 2017
We thank all of those who attended our Oct. 25 and Oct. 26 information sessions. View the information boards from the sessions.

Aug. 3, 2017
Thank you to all who attended our recent project information sessions on Aug. 1 (Kingsville) and Aug. 2 (Woodslee). View the storyboards from the sessions.

Who we are

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We wanted to take some time to give you an overview of who Enbridge Gas is and what we do. View an overview of our company to learn more about us.

Commitment to environment

Enbridge Gas is committed to minimizing the effects of our projects and operations on the environment. An Environmental Report has been conducted by an independent third party, and in consultation with affected Indigenous communities, landowners, government agencies and others. You can view the Environmental Report above in the "Latest Updates" section.

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We value the thoughts and ideas of interested parties. Feedback received from the public, through our information sessions and other venues, was instrumental in evaluating and ultimately confirming the final preferred route for the pipeline. Public information sessions were held in 2017. We thank all of those who came out to review project details and provide feedback.

We've been safely operating in Ontario for more than 100 years, and carry our strong and established safety culture to each and every project. Safety is our top priority, and Enbridge Gas pipelines and facilities are designed to meet stringent safety codes and requirements of the Canadian Standards Association and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

We are also a big contributor to the economic vitality of the province. Our experienced pipeline contractors, for example, will use many local resources to build the pipeline and where possible will procure materials from the local community.