Southern Bruce County Expansion Proposal

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Bringing Natural Gas To You

We've been here for more than 100 years bringing low-cost energy to homes and businesses across Ontario. Now we want to extend our pipeline system to include communities in the Southern Bruce County area.

Why? The answer is simple. We're experienced and ready, plus natural gas is the most affordable way to heat your home and water, and run major appliances like stoves, clothes dryers and barbecues. Think about this for a moment. You will save up to $1,500 each year by using natural gas instead of electricity, oil or propane to heat your home and water.

Our proposal would lead to the construction of approximately 300 kilometres of new pipeline to bring natural gas to the communities of Kincardine, Tiverton, Inverhuron, Chesley, Paisley, Ripley, Lucknow, Point Clark and Lurgan Beach.

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Union Gas has been part of the fabric of life in Ontario for more than 100 years.

Already, 440 communities across our service area in Ontario are reaping the benefits of natural gas. Our 2,300 employees would be happy to have Southern Bruce County communities join the list of municipalities we are proud to serve.

Switching to natural gas means connecting to a clean, safe, reliable and far more affordable energy source. Unlike electricity, oil and propane, natural gas costs less today than it did 10 years ago, and with massive deposits right here in North America, prices will remain low for years.

We saved the best detail for last: Natural gas can save you up to 50 per cent on your home energy costs. That's not a typo. It's half the cost. Think competitive and thriving local businesses - all thanks to low-cost energy.

We have a history of delivering cheap, reliable energy in Ontario. We firmly believe we are a good choice to bring natural gas to Southern Bruce County.

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"Connecting to natural gas will help expand critical infrastructure and drive economic development within the community. Low-cost natural gas delivers approximately $5 billion in annual savings to Ontario families, businesses and industry - savings that are reinvested into the economy."Steve Baker, president of Union Gas
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Union Gas is an experienced and responsible natural gas provider with more than 100 years of bringing energy to Ontario homes.

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Union Gas is committed to minimizing the effects of our projects and operations on the environment.

Union Gas Helping Indigenous People
Indigenous Peoples

We value the input of First Nations and the Métis Nation of Ontario.


Why is Union Gas working to win the right to provide natural gas service to the Southern Bruce communities?

Union Gas has over 100 years of experience building, operating and maintaining natural gas infrastructure in 440 communities across Ontario. Our record as a trusted, safe and reliable natural gas utility combined with our history of being a low-cost provider make us the ideal choice for servicing your community. Recent changes by the Ontario Energy Board related to community expansion regulations and the Natural Gas Grant Program provided by the provincial government have made the ability to provide natural gas to these communities feasible.

When can we expect natural gas service to become available in the Southern Bruce communities?

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) regulates natural gas utilities in Ontario and will select the natural gas utility that will have the right to provide service to the Southern Bruce communities. Union Gas is actively participating in the regulatory process and plans to put forward a competitive bid proposing to bring reliable and affordable service to your community. It will be after the OEB makes its decision and all approvals are granted that construction can start, which could potentially be as early as 2019.

How much would I save by converting to natural gas from my existing heating source?

By switching your home space and water heating, families can save as much as 50 per cent on energy costs. The amount of savings depends on your current energy source, but it can be as much as $1,500 annually.

How will I know if I can get access to natural gas?

Union Gas plans to provide service to the communities of Kincardine, Chesley, Paisley, Lucknow, Ripley, Tiverton, Point Clark, Lurgan Beach, and Inverhuron. If successful in winning the right to service the Southern Bruce area, Union Gas will host open houses and provide other customer services to identify how to get you connected to our system.  Our goal is to make this as seamless as possible for you and your family.

How would Union Gas construct the pipelines without impacting my property, the environment or my community?

During the past 100 years, Union Gas has safely constructed more than 65,000 kilometres of pipelines in Ontario.  We are an experienced operator that takes pride in working responsibly and collaboratively with local communities, environmental agencies and Indigenous communities to ensure our construction minimizes any local impacts.  We work to go above and beyond what is required to ensure we are the utility partner of choice in the communities we serve.