Bright Station Expansion (Dawn-Parkway Expansion 2017)

A compressor stationProject Phase: Under Construction

Union Gas is adding an additional compressor facility on the site of our existing Bright Compressor Station in the Township of Blandford-Blenheim.

Key Facts

  • Ensure existing and future demand met
  • New compressor facility
  • Safety a priority
  • Environment study part of project 

We are looking to serve an increased need for compression along the Union Gas Dawn-Parkway natural gas transmission system, which runs between Dresden and Mississauga, to serve a growing demand for clean, affordable natural gas.

Compression facilities are essential to the movement of natural gas through pipeline systems to supply homes and businesses across Ontario, as we bolster connections to plentiful North American gas supplies.

Natural gas is pressurized as it travels through our pipeline system. To ensure that the gas continues to flow optimally, it must be periodically compressed and pushed through pipelines.

Over distance, friction and geographic elevation differences slow the gas and reduce the pressure, so compressor stations are placed typically 65 to 115 kilometres apart along the pipeline to give the gas a “boost.” These stations operate day and night, year-round.

Compressor stations have a number of stringent safety systems and practices to protect the public, station employees and property.

We are committed to consult with surrounding landowners and other interested parties, and held an information session on April 1, 2015, in Plattsville.

The project received regulatory approval from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) on Dec. 22, 2015, and is under construction.