Bay of Quinte Pipeline Replacement

Union Gas worker

Project Phase: In-Service

Union Gas worked to remove the existing six-inch diameter natural gas pipeline which crosses the Bay of Quinte along the underside of the Skyway Bridge and replace it with 1,350 metres of eight-inch diameter natural gas pipeline. The pipeline was installed by an underground horizontal direction drill method beneath the Bay of Quinte.

Key Facts

  • Natural gas an affordable source of energy
  • Project supports growing demand in area
  • Public consultation a priority
  • Safety always top of mind

The project will ensure the continued reliable, safe delivery of natural gas and serve a growing demand for gas in the Prince Edward County area.

Union Gas is investing $2 billion to bolster our pipeline system across Ontario, as we work hard to continue to bring affordable, plentiful natural gas into the province.

Natural gas is the most affordable source of energy for homes, businesses and industry. Low natural gas prices have translated into as much as $5 billion in annual savings for Ontarians since 2008, and rates are projected to remain low for years to come.

The replacement project in the Prince Edward County area was approved by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) in March 2015 following completion of a comprehensive environmental assessment which included First Nations, Métis Nation and public consultation. Construction began June 2015. The project was commissioned on Dec. 4, 2015.  All project activities for 2015 were completed on Dec. 18.

The construction contractor will start the clean-up in mid-June 2016. The removal of the abandoned pipeline off the Skyway Bridge is postponed until spring 2017.

Noise from general construction activities can be expected. Union Gas proposes to minimize noise and disturbance to local residents by scheduling construction during daylight hours from Monday to Saturday, where practical, and by ensuring that construction equipment has appropriate noise reduction equipment.

Should you have construction-related questions during this work, you can contact Union Gas through our toll-free Projects number, 1-855-381-9138, or email us at

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