New 50 Keil Drive North Powerhouse

3D Drawing of the 50 Keil Drive North Expansion

We are currently embarking on a two-year construction project at our 50 Keil Drive North office in Chatham that will see a new powerhouse built and our existing powerhouse decommissioned. The new powerhouse will help ensure business continuity and mitigate future flooding risk.

The new powerhouse is being constructed on the Grand Avenue West side of the office. Construction began in October 2017 and will continue through 2019. This website will be updated regularly as construction progresses.

When construction is complete, new energy-efficient natural gas technologies and equipment will be showcased through a glass viewing gallery. It will also include a green roof and a control room.

Street-Level View
From Grand Ave
Employee Courtyard
Employee Courtyard – Side View

Every effort will be made to minimize the inconvenience to the local community and our neighbours. As a safety precaution, construction fencing will secure the area.

There will be an increase in construction traffic surrounding the 50 Keil Drive North office, and accompanying noise, dust, etc. that comes with a construction project. To reduce the impact, construction will be limited to the standard business hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Access to local businesses and residences will be maintained.

We do not anticipate any permanent road closures, however there may be temporary interruptions related to the transfer of construction equipment to and from the property.

Latest Updates and Project Timelines 

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