Top 10 Reasons to Choose Natural Gas

Top 10

Natural gas is affordable. Discoveries of new North American supplies have driven prices to record lows, which means natural gas is more affordable now than it was 10 years ago.

Top 9

Natural gas is clean. It is the cleanest burning conventional fuel, producing 45% less carbon dioxide than coal and is helping to advance Ontario’s clean energy strategy by replacing coal-fired power generation.

Top 8

Natural gas is reliable. Natural gas is energy we can count on, day in and day out. Plentiful supplies of natural gas are available for immediate dispatch through an existing interconnected, efficient and highly reliable delivery system. This unique on-demand power supply is backing up Ontario's intermittent wind and solar power.

Top 7

Natural gas is abundant. Discoveries of new reserves in unconventional rock formations like shale have expanded our supply to well beyond 100 years.

Top 6

Natural gas is domestically available. Nearly all the natural gas consumed in North America – 98% – is produced in Canada and the U.S.

Top 5

Natural gas is efficient. Some 90% of natural gas’ energy value is delivered directly to consumers.

Top 4

Natural gas is becoming even more efficient. While the number of consumers using natural gas over the last 40 years has increased, customers today actually use nearly 40% less natural gas. Greater efficiency in production, delivery and usage means fewer greenhouse gas emissions – more good news.

Top 3

Natural gas is versatile. It generates electricity, runs our manufacturing plants, provides raw material for a range of products, heats and cools our homes and fuels transportation. It provides low-emission backup generation for renewable sources like solar and wind.

Top 2

Natural gas is safe. Stringent safety standards govern the exploration, production, transportation, distribution and use of natural gas. North America’s continental natural gas pipeline system is the safest mode of energy transportation in the world today – and we’re committed to maintaining and improving that fine record.

Top 1

Natural gas is needed. Natural gas currently meets about one-fourth of North America’s energy needs. And we have the capacity to serve even greater demand as natural gas is increasingly called upon as a clean alternative for both power generation and transportation.

Natural Gas. The Natural Choice.