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Rate Changes Effective Jan. 1, 2017

Important Information About Your Rates

On Jan. 1, 2017, Union Gas is changing the rates its customers pay, subject to Ontario Energy Board approval. This includes:

  1. An increase in delivery charges for the Ontario government's new cap-and-trade program
  2. Changes in delivery rates to reflect the expected costs to safely and reliably deliver natural gas to homes and business in 2017
  3. Changes in gas used, storage and transportation charges to reflect changes in the market prices we expect to pay for these items, and a one-time adjustment to reflect new rate zones which are being introduced in northern and eastern Ontario on Jan. 1

Detail By Area

Current Rate Zone

New Rate Zone Jan. 1, 2017
Annual Bill Increase


Southern Ontario Southern Ontario $122 $4,083
Fort Frances North West Ontario $81 $4,096
Northwestern Ontario $105 $5,102
Northern Ontario West of Kapuskasing, Sault Ste. Marie to Elliott Lake $56 $3,026
Kapuskasing to North Bay, Timmins, North Bay to Espanola North East Ontario $163 $6,757
Eastern Ontario $121 $5,010

 * average annual gas use of 2,200 cubic metres a year for a typical household in all areas
** average annual gas use of 73,000 cubic metres for a non-contract business customer in southern Ontario and 93,000 in all other areas

Detail By Area - Map
For more detail on the bill changes in your area, click on the geographic region closest to where you are located.

Union Gas Rate Zones Map