GasFacts Updates for CSA Recalls, TSSA/Code, and Union Gas

Latest Gas Facts Updates

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August 2016
Price Change for Replacement Services & New For GetConnected

February 2016
Breaking Union Gas locks at our Meter Service Stations & Submitting Infractions & Corrections Reports

December 18, 2015
Safety Warning to Gas Technicians Who Must Operate Gas Utility Service Stop Valves

December 2015
Service Applications By Fax No Longer Be Accepted

TSSA/Code Updates

Director's Order for Residential Natural Draft Boilers 300,000 BTU or less incorporated into Gaseous Fuels code adoption document

Reminder for Installers of Conversion Applications

TSSA: Product Recall - Lennox and Superior natural gas and propane fireplaces.

For a complete listing, please visit the TSSA site and look on the right hand side under "Latest News".

CSA Recalls

Safety Hazard - Majestic Fireplace - Direct Vent Free Standing Fireplaces

Blue Ember Gas Grills

For a complete listing, please visit the CSA site and use the "Search" button.

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