Contractor Training Opportunities - Natural Gas Training

As a Natural Gas Technician, it's easy to see that the more training you receive the more career opportunities you'll enjoy.

If you are interested in viewing the accredited training providers available for natural gas certificates, please visit TSSA’s training page. Once there, click on the certificate that interests you. A listing of training providers will then be provided to you. Most offer evening classes that you can fit into your busy life.

There are 3 levels of Gas Technicians in Ontario. Here's a quick look:


Entry level Gas Technician certificate course, work experience recommended but not mandatory.


Next level up from G3, work experience recommended but not mandatory.


Highest level of certification.

Installing a Natural Gas PipeA hands-on industry needs a hands-on training philosophy. Each gas technician program focuses on practical learning and concentrates training in the shop area. Practical learning includes finishing assignments using active equipment and training simulators.

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