Purchasing Natural Gas - Resources for Greenhouse Growers

Creating a buying plan

If you're a greenhouse grower that's burning natural gas, you should have a well thought out buying plan that meets your own particular operating needs. Do you have a price threshold you need to meet? Do you want to know what your long-term natural gas prices will be? How much of a risk are you willing to take to capture low natural gas prices?

To understand your natural gas buying plan objectives and your buying plan options, review the presentation on your natural gas buying plan.

Natural gas prices

There are many sources of natural gas pricing and almost all services that provide real-time pricing require a subscription fee. The NGX natural gas pricing provides some recent historical spot pricing at several Canadian trading points. The NYMEX provides a snapshot of future gas prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Prices are posted in US$/MMBtu and are time delayed - they are not real-time prices. To secure current, real-time pricing please contact your supplier or agent.

Choosing an Energy Marketer

Looking for an energy marketer? Check the Ontario Energy Board website for the listing of licensed natural gas energy marketers.

Assessing Energy Marketer contract options

Energy marketers offer a variety of contracting options for customers who want to buy natural gas. What option is best for you? What other options might you want to consider? For a high-level comparison of the pros and cons of various natural gas contracting choices, check the Energy Marketer contract options.

Transactions & services

To help you select the right service, or combination of services, that can help you meet your balancing needs, we have created the transaction and service selector tables.

Online calculators

If you're looking for some help analyzing your gas use or doing volume and energy conversions, check our analyze your energy use page.