Greenhouse Energy Efficiency Incentives

Incentive programs to identify natural gas saving

Energy efficiency studies and surveys can identify and prioritize energy saving opportunities for your greenhouse. They will go a long way toward determining your energy priorities and identifying what actions will save you the most money.

Successful programs have been instrumental in freeing up dollars and improving bottom line performance. We provide funding for both process and energy efficiency studies and surveys.

  • Process studies
  • Energy efficiency feasibility studies
  • New & Retrofitted Equipment and Process Optimization

For more information on these programs visit the Industrial Custom Programs of the Save Money & Energy section.

Don't take our word for it! Review the Lake Erie Farms greenhouse success story and learn why Lake Erie Farms General Manager, Trish Fournier, calls energy curtains, "the most effective method of reducing greenhouse operation costs." Helping reduce their natural gas consumption by 25%.

Incentive programs for the implementation of natural gas saving measures

Companies can achieve significant energy savings by installing energy efficient equipment and technologies. We provide significant financial incentives for companies that install energy efficient natural gas equipment. For more information about energy efficiency projects that can help improve your greenhouse operations, check our Engineering Projects section.

Online Calculators and Tools

Growers that improve production by injecting CO2 into their greenhouses should consider the high cost of buying liquid CO2. As a grower you can save money by extracting CO2 from your natural gas boilers. Here are a couple of calculators that can help you estimate the value of burning natural gas and extracting CO2.

  • Waste CO2 cost calculator: This calculator compares the cost of burning natural gas and extracting CO2 to the cost of burning natural gas and buying liquid CO2. To see how much money you can save, check our Waste CO2 and heating cost calculator. You may be surprised by how much you can save by extracting CO2.