Accessing natural gas and Demand Side Management (DSM) data

Union Gas has robust online tools to help understand consumption history, as well as measure, analyze and track energy use assisting municipalities to meet the requirements of Ontario's Regulation 397/11.

Consumption Data: Online anytime through myaccount

myaccount offers free online access to your Union Gas accounts, with one user ID and 24 months of historical consumption data for view, print and download.

Email for more information.

Bills & Payments: Billing service to streamline accounts and payments

Master Summary Billing is a free summary billing service for Union Gas customers with more than five Union Gas accounts.

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Community consumption data and DSM data

Union Gas will provide annual municipal gas usage data for the latest two calendar years at the
following two geographic levels:

  • Total municipality—segmented by residential, commercial and industrial users (including large contracts).
  • By six-digit postal code—segmented by residential, commercial and industrial users (excluding large contracts).

To ensure customer confidentiality, we will combine postal codes in areas where there are less than five customers. This data will be provided in an Excel spreadsheet format.

In addition, information on natural gas savings realized through participation in our energy conservation, DSM programs may also be available upon request, and will be provided in a similar format as the annual municipal gas usage data.

Use our energy planning email address to submit a community or municipal data request.