Your Partner in Integrated Energy Planning

One of the goals we have is to work with Ontario communities to reduce overall energy consumption and lower costs. With that in mind, we offer a comprehensive suite of energy-efficiency programs that will put more money in your pocket and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We believe it's important for communities to develop a comprehensive energy strategy—one that benefits the municipality, residents and businesses—and we stand ready to be your partner in this crucial effort.

What we do is work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to initiate programs that address local priorities while fulfilling community energy plan (CEP) objectives. 

CEPs evaluate a community's existing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in order to accurately measure community-wide energy consumption.

We then identify and implement solutions to improve energy efficiency and conservation, and develop community priorities around renewable energy and other energy infrastructure projects. The plan also integrates energy conservation and sustainability into the local planning process. It’s all very exciting when the results become obvious.

The information included on the following pages outlines the ways in is a great guide to ways we can help you reach your goals to strengthen the local economy: