Energy Planning

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A reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply is essential to the long-term vitality of any community, and the development of a comprehensive energy strategy has become a key priority for leaders at every level of government.

Community Energy Plans (CEP) evaluate a community’s existing energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to:

  • Accurately measure community-wide energy consumption and GHG emissions;
  • Identify and implement solutions to improve energy efficiency and conservation;
  • Develop community priorities around renewable energy and other energy infrastructure projects; and
  • Integrate energy conservation and sustainability into the local planning process.

Long before it was a Ministry of Energy directive, Union Gas was working within communities to find ways to reduce overall energy consumption, lower costs and improve both service and sustainability. As a clean and economical fuel source, we have been delivering energy to homes, businesses, schools and hospitals across Ontario for more than 100 years. Initiating programs that address local priorities while fulfilling CEP objectives is what we do best.

The information included on the following pages outlines the ways in which Union Gas can help you help reach your goals to strengthen our economy, improve energy security and enhance public well-being:

As a proud community partner, we look forward to working with you on your energy plan.