Understanding your Enbridge Gas contract

We have standardized contracts for all in-franchise customers - no matter the rate class.  This ensures that contracts are easier to read and understand.

All Enbridge Gas in-franchise customer contracts contain the following information:

  • Contract Cover -Each contract will have a service type-specific "Contract Cover." The body of the contract ties in all the schedules and General Terms and Conditions together.  The Contract Cover includes customer information and signatory pages.
  • Schedule 1 - Schedule 1 provides customer-specific information such as contract parameters.
  • Schedule 1a – Schedule 1a provides the means to contract for market-based deliverability.
  • Schedule 2 - Schedule 2 provides the terms and conditions specific to a service.
  • Schedule 3 -Schedule 3 provides end use locations for a Bundled T contract.
  • General Terms and Conditions -General Terms and Conditions provides generic working rules for all in-franchise contracts and are the terms that are common to all North and South in-franchise services.
  • Gas Distribution Access Rule (GDAR) Service Agreement -- This Service Agreement sets out the relationship between Distributor and Vendor.

Enbridge Gas' standardized contracts for in-franchise customers:

Changes to the General Terms and Conditions reflect the Unauthorized Overrun Non-compliance charge, clarity in respect to Overrun and to accommodate updates to the North American gas nomination windows.


Northern and Eastern Operations Area:
Bundled Transportation Service


Distribution (Sales and Service) and T-Service

      Rate 100 Base Service (includes Rate 25, CBS, Storage)

      Rate 20 Base Service (includes Rate 25, CBS, Storage)


Southern Operations Area:

Bundled Transportation Service

Distribution (Sales and Service) and T-Service

      Rate M4

     Rate M5

     Rate M7

     Rate M9

      Rate T1 

     Rate T2

      Rate U2

Storage and Transportation Contracts

Additional information

Customer Balancing Service (CBS) Rates